“If you are looking for a loyal companion this is your girl!  Kaya is a 6.5 month old Akita/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.  She is up to date on her vaccines and is spayed.  When she was a puppy we noticed that she was having an unusual amount of accidents and we found out that she need to be on special food for urinary health (expensive but great).  Once the right food was found, she is almost completely potty trained and we are down to one accident a day.  This usually occurs by the door so she is really trying, but you have to be on the lookout as if you’re not paying attention, she feels the need to go.  She is a puppy still so, nothing is safe ;) She loves to chew on things so having lots of chew toys around is necessary.  Kaya should be walked every day as she is full of energy and does really well on a leash.  Fetch is one of her favorite things to do and automatically brings the ball right back to you.  We were working on “Kennel” and she will do it, if given multiple treats, she is a little stubborn at times. Kaya was still kenneled during the night as she did have accidents but, we were slowing giving her more freedom.  She will be a big dog so it important to work on not jumping on people as she gets so excited.  Shedding will always happen with her because of her thick coat but, we found that brushing her often helped a lot.  By this time you are wondering why such a sweetheart would be surrendered back, right?  It turns out that she did not get along with our other two dogs to the point of a safety concern.  This is her only down fall, she is AWESOME but may need to be in a home where she is the only dog (the rescue will do further testing to decide). We miss her like you would not believe, but know it is best to have her in a home where she can be by herself.  If you are interested in her and would like to speak to us we would love to help in any way as we truly love her and just want what is best for her.”

Age: 7 months
Gender: Female
Breed: Akita mix
Does well with: children, adults, male dogs
Origin: Owner Surrender
Special Needs: Special diet for Urinary
Adoption Fee: $100