Lucy is an adorably cute puppy that is approximately 4 months old. Her foster momma says:
“She is a complete sweetheart. She gets along great with my 4 other dogs. She’s a bit timid but warms up to you right away... she’s latched onto me as her “human”. She’s my little sidekick 💕 She goes right into her crate without a fuss at night. She isn’t quite sure how to be a puppy yet and play, but that’s understandable given her past. Even after a few days here with me, she’s... become more comfortable and tries to play for short spurts of time... but is most content riding around doing chores in the pickup or tractor or cuddling 🙂”

Age: 4 months
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix breed
Does well with: adults, children, dogs, cats
Origin: Shelter transfer
Adoption Fee: $100