Marilyn & Monroe

Marilyn and Monroe are a bonded pair that are said to be mother and daughter, although we aren’t sure. Marilyn enjoys having Monroe around, she sometimes needs a break from her. Monroe on the other hand looks at Marilyn for guidance and confidence.

Marilyn is a total sweetheart and enjoys the company of people. She has such a gentle soul and she would love a couch to snuggle on.

Monroe is a puppy and truly relies on Marilyn. She blossoms the most when Marilyn is around. She is also a sweetheart, but she can be shy.

Unfortunately Marilyn can be very protective of Monroe, so a home without other dogs would be best.

Age: Marilyn: 1.5 years old Monroe: 6 months old
Gender: Females
Breed: Marilyn: Border Collie/Heeler mix, Monroe: mixed breed
Does well with: adults, children
Origin: Shelter Transfer
Special Needs: N/A
Adoption Fee: $150