Penny 🖤

Penny is a Diva ready for retirement. We don't know much about the beginning of her life but we do now what brought her here.

Unfortunately, Penny's previous family moved, but left her behind. When Morton County Sheriff's found her she was a matted mess. After a hair cut, vet visit, and TLC she has really blossomed. She is at best guess around 8years old.

Her favorite place is curled up on a comfy pillow or on a blanket. Here she will request pets and belly rubs. She demands treats when she comes in from going potty. She does have a few issues with going potty in the house. A home where she can be let out frequently would be ideal. She does walk, slowly, on a leash. She does prefer to just follow you around the yard though.

Penny has been around you children and has done well. Although, she will let them know with a bark that she needs space.

Penny also has been placed in a kennel at night. She gets a little anxious and does not enjoy being left alone.

Age: 8+ years
Gender: Female
Breed: Poodle mix
Does well with: adults, children, dogs, possibly cats
Origin: Abandoned
Special Needs: N/A
Adoption Fee: $80