Remington Aka Remi

Remi short for Remington. I am full of energy and have a hard time listening when I meet new people and tend to jump on them but I will settle down after a few minutes. I’m not that great at walking on a leash so I need a little more practice. I loved my fenced in yard to run and play but I am a digger and will jump short fences under 4 feet. I’m not to crazy about water I will take a bath but swimming in a lake still scares me a little. I love to hunt when you pull out the orange vest I go crazy. I’m still new at hunting but I’ve chased out a bird or 2. I love to play with balls and ropes but I get a little to aggressive with stuffed toys and make it snow! I love treats and I eat 1.5 cups of food in the morning and 1.5 cups at night. I will steal people food if your not careful and leave it in my reach. I really love to eat so I need controlled feedings or I will not stop eating. I give high fives and shake and sit and when you say out I leave the room. I know what kennel means but I do love cuddle up on furniture and have no problem sleeping in bed with you. I love to look out the window and would often sit in the bay window and watch what was going on. I am familiar with a shock collar and don’t need a very high setting as I listen quite well with it on. Please be careful of my neck and take my collar off on occasion and I sometimes break out from collars. Don’t leave the shock collar on if you use it when hunting my neck is sensitive and needs to be taken off when the hunt is over. I did have some bladder problems when I was little and had surgery so every once in awhile I can leak but it’s not my fault. If you put me out often I don’t have accidents. I am used to having a dog door to use at my own free will. I do however have a problem with small animals and get too aggressive and attack them for no reason and cannot be pulled off easily so I can’t go to a home with cats or small dogs which is why my family had to make a really hard decision to send me to a new home. I am spayed, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped.

Age: 2.5 years
Gender: Female
Breed: AKC Silver Labrador
Does well with: adults & older children
Origin: Owner Surrender
Special Needs: N/A
Adoption Fee: $80