Yodel came to us from Paris, Tx when his time was up. He is absolutely stunning and Texas is definitely missing out! Yodel got his name for a reason... he yodels when he isn't getting enough attention. He does great on a leash, enjoys going for walks, and he loves treats of any sort, but his favorite treat is peanut butter. Yodel loves a good belly rub and he knows basic commands. He tested positive for heartworm, so he is currently going through treatment. We will allow him to be adopted, but the adopters must continue his treatment and have him neutered when he tests negative (we will help cover these expenses).

Age: 1-2
Gender: Male
Breed: Boston Terrier, Bulldog, Italian Greyhound, French Bulldog.
Does well with: adults, children
Special Needs: Heartworm Preventative
Adoption Fee: $80